AIA Accredited webinar – Performance Based Structural Fire Design – 16th November 12.30-13.30 EST.




Kevin LaMalva of Warringtonfire is delighted to invite you to an AIA accredited webinar discussing Performance Based Structural Fire Design – what Architects need to know.

Structural Fire Engineering is a methodology to assess if a building’s structure is suitable for its intended use whilst considering specific Architectural, economic or environmental drivers. It ensures the building’s fire resistance is suitably detailed. 

Structural Fire Design has the potential to produce buildings that are safer and are optimized for stakeholder design objectives such as programme time savings, improved aesthetics, cost, improved carbon footprint and allowance for Architectural innovation. Come along and learn more about the benefits to Architects who adopt Structural Fire Design for buildings.

What will I learn?

  • Potential benefits for Architects who adopt Structural Fire Design for buildings.
  • New industry standardization pertaining to Structural Fire Engineering.
  • Differentiate between standard fire resistance design and Structural Fire Design.
  • Learn about the treatment of fire effects as a structural load.



Kevin LaMalva has 14 years of experience as a Structural/ Fire Consultant with dual registration in both Fire Protection Engineering and Civil Engineering. Aside from faithfully serving clients, Kevin is a member of numerous industry committees (ASCE/SEI, SFPE, ICC, NIST, NFPA, ACI and others) that conduct research and develop standards for structural fire safety. Notably, Kevin led a group of over 40 engineers to develop the first-of-its kind ASCE/SEI Structural Fire Design Guide and is the editor of ASCE/SEI Manual of Practice No. 138. For his work in structural fire safety, Kevin was awarded the distinction of ENR Newsmaker for serving the "best interests of the construction industry and the public." Kevin can be reached at

An expert panel will answer questions, which you can submit before or at any time during the webinar.

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