CFD Fire Modelling

Warringtonfire offers a variety of innovative fire consultancy services, working with architects, designers, and approval authorities to create the optimized fire safety strategies. One of the tools we use is Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) fire modelling.

Fire modelling is a key tool when trying to predict the spread of smoke and heat from fires in built environments and when used correctly can be a powerful design and safety tool.

When a building burns often the smoke inhalation or heat transfer can be more hazardous than the movement of the flames, so it is important to assess how this may occur in the event of a fire. This can then influence means of escape planning and the design of passive and active fire systems.

CFD fire modelling looks to solve equations describing the fluid flow and heat transfer from the growth and spread of fire. They predict smoke and heat movement in buildings of any design and is a key tool in fire engineering.

Why use us for CFD Fire Modelling?

Using the most advanced software and technology we create a replica model of your project to graphically and numerically map the spread of flames, heat and smoke which we then use to create the most efficient fire strategy for your building, in accordance with the relevant statutory requirements and other fire safety objectives.

CFD fire modelling can be a powerful tool but only when used correctly. Warringtonfire employs experts in CFD fire modelling who use their many years of wide experience to competently utilize the CFD fire modelling to predict potential fire behavior and development.