Fire assessments are reports provided by Warringtonfire when a modification is made to a construction that has already been fire tested.

Sometimes, for various reasons such as size or configuration, it may not be possible to subject an exact construction or product to a fire test. In these cases, we may be able to provide an assessment of the expected performance of a construction element or product – based on available baseline reference test data or through computer and mathematical modelling.

Tests performed to the requirements set in any particular test standard only allow the product or system to be installed as tested or be varied as allowed by that standard under ‘permissible variations’. All other variations that may be needed to meet the construction or the client’s requirements must be assessed by an Accredited Testing Authority.

Our assessments team can provide clients with:

  • Fire assessment reports to address variations to the fire resistance, reaction-to-fire and bushfire attack levels for products.
  • Structural fire protection assessments on protected steel members and composite construction systems.
  • Assessments on the performance of a product or a system under specific conditions or installation configurations – these may be read together with fire engineering reports prepared by an accredited fire safety engineer for ongoing projects.
  • Finite element thermal and structural analyses to simulate the behaviour of building systems exposed to fire.
  • If applicable, a ‘translation’ of a test report conducted overseas by an internationally accredited test laboratory to an equivalent Australian test standard for use in Australia.