Warringtonfire’s global fire engineering teams of engaged experts can support you through your fire risk assessment.

A fire risk assessment is probably the most important tool in your arsenal in ensuring the safety of the people using your building and is mandatory in some form under many countries' fire safety legislation. Unfortunately, it is the area where a lot of people claim to know what they are doing, but often don’t have the right qualifications to complete the assessment correctly. In order to make sure you know that your fire risk assessment is robust, it’s best to call in the experts.

Warringtonfire’s team members hold personal third-party competency certification in the form of membership of the Fire Risk Assessors Certification Scheme (FRACS); a UK accreditation service backed scheme.


FRACS' acceptance criteria are regarded industry-wide as being challenging and robust, thereby offering the assurance that the members have been rigorously assessed before being accepted.

Warringtonfire’s team is multidisciplinary in nature and we have expertise in key fire safety disciplines to be able to provide the most comprehensive and insightful fire risk assessments; meeting legislative requirements but also tailored to client requirements for managing risk effectively within their organisation.

A fire risk assessment combines a site survey, that helps identify the good and bad elements to your building, and a review of fire safety management, which together allows areas for improvement to be identified. Through a fire risk assessment, you can ensure that you are suitably prepared to prevent fire, manage it effectively should a worst-case real life fire event occur, and provide the best outcomes for ensuring safety, such as through providing suitable escape routes.

The drivers for improvement can be legislative, life safety, asset protection or operationally continuity rooted, but in all cases the fire risk assessment provided by Warringtonfire will provide a detailed insight into the fire safety provisions in operation and identify where improvement can be made and what the benefits attained will look like. This will allow you to be confident that you have complied with all your legal responsibilities under local legislation and also allows you to move forward with your project by addressing fire safety risks.


Additional services we can offer to help support your fire risk assessment

Our expert teams can create a bespoke fire risk assessment for your building and then offer practical advice to help you implement the findings of the assessment to truly allow it to be a living document rather than just a tick box exercise.

Warringtonfire provides a comprehensive assessment and supporting services offering for your fire risk assessment; the following services are available:

  • Fire safety management plans (FSMPs)
  • Review and development of organisational fire safety policy and supporting management structures and standard operating procedures for its delivery
  • Fire Risk Assessment Audits
  • Review and development of evacuation procedures
  • Evacuation procedures for persons requiring assistance to evacuate
  • Fire safety training – review and evaluation of existing training programs and their technical content
  • Fire safety training – delivery of bespoke training programs
  • Liaison with regulators regarding enforcement matters
  • Review and development of Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) programs – evaluation of “compliance” and “value driven” factors of such programs
  • Review of staff competencies

We can also carry out detailed site inspections and surveys of fire doors and fire stopping systems and should any upgrade work be needed we offer third party certification schemes that can help ensure the work is done correctly.

To find out more about how Warringtonfire can help with your fire risk assessment requirements, please contact one of our local laboratories below.