What is a fire strategy?

Warringtonfire are able to help you create a fire safety strategy for your building. A fire strategy is the way in which fire safety objectives for a new, altered or existing building are defined and achieved. 
According to the British Standards Institution document PAS 911: Fire Strategies-Guidance and Framework for Their Formulation, a fire strategy is “an all-encompassing document designed to overview how fire can impact on a building and a business”.

In order to limit the risks of fire, the best approach would be to create a fire strategy during the construction phase and our engaged experts have a wealth of experience to create the best strategy for your project.

For new and altered buildings the fire safety strategy is usually developed during the design phase of the project. Our experts work with you to truly understand the objectives of your project and the completed building to create the best solution for you.

However, if the building is already operational then a fire strategy can be written in order to review the existing fire safety provision and provide a basis to inform the fire risk assessment process. The fire strategy is always developed to reflect the organisation’s policy on fire safety and operational requirements. 

What will your fire strategy include?

A good fire strategy should set a clear framework for fire safety and is usually based around showing compliance with the fundamental objectives of the applicable fire safety legislation, business and property protection objectives and insurers' requirements.

A fire safety strategy should include: the means of warning and escape; likely pathways of internal and external fire spread; access and facilities for the fire service; along with the fire safety management requirements for the building.

A fire strategy can prove invaluable for due diligence purposes and where requirements for a strategic approach in managing fire
risk need to be considered in a wider business context. It is also important that the fire strategy is widely accepted by the ongoing business and that the recommendations are adhered to on a day-to-day basis. Our experts can help you communicate the importance of this strategy to your stakeholders and ensure this ongoing commitment.


To find out more about how Warringtonfire can help you with your fire safety strategy requirements, please contact one of the laboratories below.