Third party fire systems review

Warringtonfire’s global fire engineering team are able to advise on all facets of fire engineering, this includes third party fire systems review.

Third party fire systems review are often required in construction projects, as peer review can support submission paperwork under the Building Regulations or help you understand and evaluate a submission that a third party has presented to you.

We can offer third party fire systems review for fire protection plans and specifications for strict compliance with international, state and local codes and standards.

The review will also identify the key drivers for the design approach, be this legislation, life safety or asset protection and insurance, and will deliver an evaluation as to the suitability of the design to achieve these stakeholder requirements.

Why third party fire systems review?

There are a number of reasons why you may need a third party fire systems review. This could be because, as a regulator or other verifier, you need guidance on understanding the intricate details of a submission document or system design or indeed an installed system in relation to the fire safety elements of the Building Regulations or other regulations and standards. Often, the best and most appropriate way to do this, is to hire an expert.

Another reason could be as a project owner, architect or designer you may have been presented with a third party fire system report, design or installation from a supplier and you would like it peer reviewed for the purposes of complying with design codes and for achieving the desired performance for the project; be this life safety, asset protection (insurance) or operational continuity.

Our experts are best placed to offer third party fire systems review as we have a wealth of experience working on a variety of large and small projects across the world.

We work across the whole discipline of fire engineering and have extensive knowledge of local Building Regulations, local fire system design codes and practices. We can offer third party fire systems reviews based upon significant relevant experience.

Our third party fire systems review project experience includes the development of detailed causes and effects protocols interfacing fire detection and other active fire safety systems to achieve complex multi-layered protection, utilizing various detection phenomena and suppression systems.

Advice on false alarm / spurious activation programming is also provided. When delivering these projects we work with all the stakeholders to arrive at a design and operational approach which fits the key design objectives.