Eight reasons to choose Warringtonfire Australia as your fire safety engineering consultant

Warringtonfire Australia is one of the leading providers of fire engineering services globally, but why choose the team for your next project? Here are eight reasons why they’re the right fire safety engineers for you:

Fire safety engineers have specific expertise and extensive knowledge of building codes and regulations, and can create smoke and evacuation modelling for a building. These fire safety strategies and fire risk assessments should be implemented as early in a building’s design phase as possible, so no unnecessary time or expense is required to correct errors in the construction phase.
Appointing qualified and capable fire safety engineers is crucial to the design of a safe and compliant building, and expert engineers can also advise on cost savings and efficiencies.

Warringtonfire Australia is one of the leading providers of fire engineering services globally, but why choose the team for your next project? Here are eight reasons why they’re the right fire safety engineers for you:

1. Resource

For many of our competitors, fire safety engineering is part of a larger multi-disciplinary team where a small number of engineers cover all of the fire safety engineering projects.

Warringtonfire Australia has over 40 dedicated fire safety engineers to work on your project, meaning we adequately resource projects and deliver reports within prescribed timeframes. This includes delivering large projects, and providing flexibility and responsiveness  to urgent issues which may occur on site.

2. Geography

Warringtonfire Australia has fire safety engineers across Australia, and around the world. We have local teams across the country, and we can also engage experts from overseas to get a project across the line. Crucially, we can apply innovations from other states and territories to your project, ensuring all technical capabilities are at the forefront of progress within the industry.

3. Education and technical expertise

At Warringtonfire Australia, all of our fire safety engineers undertake a master’s degree within the first few years of employment. This practice ensures we have a depth of technical expertise that allows us to work on the most complex projects.

Examples of our technical capacity include projects like Barangaroo, Australia’s largest urban renewal development project since the 2000 Olympics; and the North West Rail Link, which is the largest infrastructure project in Australia.

4. Access to experts from multiple disciplines

Warringtonfire Australia offers independent fire testing, fire assessment, product certification, as well as fire safety engineering. By combining these disciplines, we have the ability to assist projects in a unique way. We can offer:

Structural fire protection assessments on protected steel members and composite construction systems.
Assessments of bespoke wall type and penetration configurations
 The use of overseas products, which have been tested to a transferable overseas standard resolving complex issues during the construction phase using other resources beyond traditional fire engineering methods

5. Reputation

Warringtonfire Australia has decades of experience and is well-known for its integrity and reputation within the industry. The company has worked on high-profile, highly complex projects around the world with a demonstrable track record, and our insurance means we are thoroughly covered and won’t leave if things get tough.

6. Industry involvement

Warringtonfire Australia and many of our experts are actively involved in the fire industry, advising on standards and policy updates. We have been involved in projects shaping the future of the industry, including the Warren Centre, Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) committees, and local government and standards committees.

We have also developed case studies for the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) and we have helped facilitate local industry days, in particular in the Australian Capital Territory and Western Australia. 

7. More than just fire safety engineers

At Warringtonfire Australia, our experts have knowledge of more than just the standard fire safety engineering service. Their technical knowledge covers multiple areas and can be applied to solve various complex problems.

Our team includes experts on:

  • Structural fire engineering
  • Property protection concerns e.g. defence experience
  • Combustible cladding risk assessments
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Building code design reviews for fire 

8. In-house contracts and legal team

Warringtonfire Australia has a dedicated contracts team, including in-house legal experts, allowing the timely review and settlement of terms. The team is continually involved in client negotiations to assist both clients and our project managers in handling and allocating risk. Having this service in-house saves both time and cost for all parties, and comes from a fully informed industry understanding.

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