Building cladding testing services

Warringtonfire is able to test to a wide variety of fire resistance and reaction to fire standards, and as part of our global fire offering, we are able to perform building cladding testing.

We undertake BS 8414 building cladding testing from our NATA accredited laboratory in Melbourne, our UKAS accredited laboratory in Dubai and our BELAC accredited Gent laboratories.

BS 8414 is a large-scale test where an external cladding system is tested for its overall fire resistance rather than just individual components, as well as the local equivalents including AS 5113 and NFPA 285.

In Australia external cladding can also be tested in accordance with AS1530.1 1994 for combustibility.

With construction projects employing more innovative designs, external cladding and facades have never been in more demand so building cladding testing has never been more important. Our specialist facilities can accommodate façades of any size or design and perform testing to British, American and other International standards.

Whether your building cladding testing requirement is at the pre-construction phase for design validation or on site, as part of the QA/QC programs, Warringtonfire’s team of engaged experts can help.

Other building cladding testing we can provide

We can also provide additional building cladding testing services out of our Dubai laboratory, covering design review and failure analysis across metallic components and systems, glass, sealants, anchors, fixings, doors and windows.

Our comprehensive range of building cladding testing services support you at every stage in your project:

  • New buildings / pre-construction including review of design and specifications
  • Laboratory and on-site testing, component testing and factory production inspection and quality control
  • Existing structures including serviceability and quality reports, structural integrity and stability reports, durability reports and annual inspections
  • Large scale mock-up tests including environmental performance, acoustic performance, impact testing and operational force and strength testing.