Element announces it is a co-founder of platform to accelerate digital transformation across the built environment

LONDON, UK – April 14, 2021 – Element Materials Technology (Element) has announced that it is a founding member in the development of OpenBuilt, a new open hybrid cloud platform to connect the construction industry’s fragmented supply chain and help to drive more efficient, sustainable and safer projects.

The global pandemic has created challenges for the construction industry and efficiencies are key to the resilience of many businesses. As companies move away from manual processes and place a renewed focus on how digital transformation can lead to time and cost savings, OpenBuilt provides an invaluable tool. It enables design and build consortia as well as building owners and managers to find the right quality products and services at the right value, and from the right providers.

OpenBuilt is a digital market place designed for use by all businesses across the commercial, public and residential building sectors, from large contractors to small suppliers. By creating a single integration hub, users will securely connect their current technology platforms and digital solutions to partners, suppliers or sub-contractors in their supply chain, improving communication through secure data exchange.

Users will also have access to the latest applications and services from industry-leading technology providers. Additionally, users will be able to search, filter and sort building product technical data and quickly find materials with the right specification; and design, build and maintain buildings that meet industry regulations for function, safety and environmental performance.

Jo Wetz, CEO at Element, said: “OpenBuilt gives companies with limited time and budget the opportunity to expand their digital platforms without the need for complex, bespoke software development.

“Our business in the built environment, which includes our Warringtonfire and BM TRADA brands, is central to industry safety and compliance through the provision of testing and certification services. We are continually building assurance in the marketplace and providing sustainable solutions for an increasingly complex world. OpenBuilt offers our customers the opportunity to connect us, and all suppliers, through one central hub and therefore streamline all processes to save time, energy and costs.”

OpenBuilt has been developed through a collaboration between IBM, Red Hat and CoBuilder, along with industry players Cemex, EDIN Network, Backe, Sol Services and Element.


About Element 

The Element Materials Technology Group is one of the world’s leading global providers of testing, inspection and certification services for a diverse range of materials, products and technologies in advanced industrial supply chains where failure is not an option. Headquartered in London, UK, Element’s team of more than 6,000 expert scientists, engineers and technicians operate from around 200 locations across five continents, delivering an extensive range of solutions to customers in critical industries including aerospace, connected technologies, construction, defense, digital engineering, energy and environmental.

In 2021 Element Digital Engineering was launched, moving Element a step closer to being a leader in engineering simulation, modelling, data science and artificial intelligence to solve complex industrial challenges.

For more information about Element, please visit our website, connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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With a seat on the OpenBuilt Board, we will contribute to the direction of the platform and ensure that our expertise guides the ever-evolving needs of the sector.

Jo Wetz