Warringtonfire and the construction industry

Warringtonfire has been working with the construction industry for over 40 years. We offer complete Testing, Technical, Inspection, Certification and Advisory services to this sector from unrivalled independently accredited testing laboratories and offices worldwide.


From project initiation, planning and design, through specification and construction - and even during the handover to the building operator and the building operation and maintenance phase - our engaged experts have solutions that can help you and your project. We can derive optimized, cost-effective solutions, sympathetic to the architectural design of your construction project and provide support throughout the life of the building. 

Who would benefit from Warringtonfire construction services?

Our engaged experts can work, throughout the entire building lifecycle, with:

  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Contractors
  • Developers
  • Planning
  • Local Authorities
  • Building Owners & Operators
  • Product Manufacturers.

How can Warringtonfire help with your construction project?

Warringtonfire’s experts understand the unique human life and financial risks of fire safety in live construction sites but they also have breadth of knowledge across the complete lifecycle of a construction project, from planning to ongoing building maintenance.

Being a full-service company means we are uniquely placed to draw on our wealth of experience in testing, technical and certification across all areas of construction from Warringtonfire and our sister companies, BM TRADA and Element.

We can test a range of products designed to be installed within buildings, such as doors, penetration seals, structural beam/column encasement, smoke leakage and acoustic properties, and our colleagues at Element can test doors and door products for security and weather testing.

Within our technical teams, our experts can provide services such as product assessments in support of testing, provide technical guidance on bespoke details and can reverse engineer a test programme against a customer’s desired end goal.

Our certification team is also able to offer product and personnel schemes for doorset fabrication, installation and their maintenance within our industry recognised certification schemes. Certification can also be provided for other product sectors such as linear joint seals, penetration seals, ductwork/dampers and coatings/encasements to structural elements.

For more information about our range of construction services, click the links below or contact us today.

Construction Industry

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Construction Industry Services

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Bushfire testing

Bushfire Testing

Find out how our Melbourne laboratory became the first laboratory to be NATA accredited to perform bushfire testing to AS 1530.8.1 and AS 1530.8.2

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Doorsets and hardware testing

Doorsets and Hardware Testing

Find out about our full range of accredited door fire testing services and fire resistance testing for door hardware (such as locks, latches, hinges, closers, exit devices and kick plates).

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Fire resistance duct testing

Duct Testing

Find out about our fire resistance duct testing capabilities available from our BELAC accredited laboratory in Gent.

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Fire stopping product testing

Fire Stopping Product Testing

Find out about our UKAS, BELAC and NATA accredited fire stopping product testing services designed to meet British, European and International standards.

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Glass and glazing systems testing

Glass and Glazing Systems Testing

Find out about our UKAS and BELAC accredited glass and glazing systems fire testing services designed to meet British, European and International standards.

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Cold Smoke Leakage Testing

Smoke Leakage Testing

Find out about our smoke leakage testing services (to EN 1634 Part 3, BS 476 Part 31.1 and AS 1530.7), for door and shutter assemblies, openable windows and other elements of building hardware.

Learn more
Structural steelwork protection testing

Structural Steelwork Protection Testing

Find out how our team of engaged experts can work with you to create a design-led, cost-effective structural steelwork protection test programme with on-going support.

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Wall and partition systems testing

Wall and Partition Systems Testing

Find out how we perform accredited walls and partitions fire resistance testing to British, European and International standards.

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Fire resistance reports and assessments

Fire Resistance Reports and Assessments

Warringtonfire is able to help you create solutions for all your fire testing requirements and as part of this offering, we are able to provide a fire resistance assessments.

Product assessment reports

Product Assessment Reports

Find out how we are able to provide product assessment reports for passive fire protection as part of our wider offering to the fire sector.

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Site surveys for passive fire protection

Site Surveys for Passive Fire Protection

Find out how we are able to provide site surveys for passive fire protection as part of our wider offering to the fire sector.

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Upgrading fire performance

Upgrading Fire Performance

Find out more about how we can help you upgrade the fire performance in your complex project.

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Furniture testing services


Find out how our sister company, FIRA International, provides specialist testing and certification support services to the furniture industry.

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Acoustic Test

Acoustic Testing

Obtaining acoustic rating can help your product keep up to date with global compliance and stay ahead of your competition. Warringtonfire's UKAS-accredited, state-of-the-art acoustic testing laboratories - High Wycombe (UK) and Al Futtaim Element (Dubai) - offer you a choice of services and packages.

Al Futtaim Element non fire facade testing

Al Futtaim Element Non-Fire Facade Testing

As an UKAS accredited facility in the Middle East, Al Futtaim Element’s Facade Testing & Advisory Services Division is truly a world-class facility and, as such, is unique in the region.

Al-Futtaim Element Pendulum Impact Test EN12600

Al Futtaim Element Pendulum Glass Impact Testing

As a UKAS accredited facility in the Middle East, Al Futtaim Element can perform BS EN 12600, which is the standard specifying pendulum impact test method for single flat panes of glasses for use in building.

Active fire testing

Active Fire Testing

Find out more how our accredited laboratory can provide active fire testing to the BS 8458:2015

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Building Cladding Facade Fire Testing

Building Cladding Testing

Find out about our BS 8414 building cladding testing capabilities in Dubai, Gent and Melbourne.

Construction fire testing

Construction Fire Testing

Find out more about our construction fire testing across a variety of standards and test methods, with accredited laboratories placed across the globe.

Learn more
Plastics and Surface Materials

Plastics and Surface Materials

Learn how Warringtonfire can help test how your plastics and surface materials will react in a real-life fire situation, to ensure the products you develop are fit for purpose.

Timber Panels

Timber Panel Products Testing

Timber panel products need to be tested for both reaction to fire and fire resistance. Find out how we can help

Structural fire engineering

Structural Fire Engineering

Support on your overall fire strategy including structural fire engineering.

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Structural analysis

Structural Analysis

The Warringtonfire structural fire engineering team has the expertise and tools required to investigate the behaviour and response of structures or structural components exposed to fire.


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