Warringtonfire and the marine industry

Warringtonfire has been working with the marine industry for almost 30 years. Marine regulations can often be reactionary so our engaged experts keep on top of the new changes in legislation and work with you to ensure your vessel is as compliant as possible.

When it comes to fire safety on ships, containment of any fire is essential because the vessel should be considered the primary lifeboat, avoiding getting people off the ship into secondary lifeboats wherever possible. The primary goal is always to keep you safe on the boat. 

How can Warringtonfire help with your marine fire safety project

There are many different marine laws and regulations required for ships, which can be overwhelming, but Warringtonfire’s engaged experts are well versed in navigating these for you. The international standards come from IMO, the international maritime organization. IMO is a U.N. organization that exists to keep ships safe on the water and includes the High-Speed Craft Code (HSC code) and the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), both underpinned by the Fire Test Procedure Code (FTP Code). There is also the European regulation, Marine Equipment Directive (MED), underpinned by certification and type approvals.

As a marine product manufacturer, you need a Notified Body to approve the different products going on board any ship. Since Brexit, Warringtonfire’s notified body status has moved to our sister company, Element Materials Technology Rotterdam B.V.(ERO) in the Netherlands; meaning that we are still, as a company, able to fulfil your notified body role. For UK Marine Equipment Certification (MER) you will still need a UK Approval Body, which Warringtonfire has become following Brexit.

Warringtonfire also offers UKAS accredited certification from its Warrington office, and is able to provide certification schemes for products and personnel.

According to marine regulations, your products also need to be tested by an IMO-approved laboratory. Only these laboratories are considered capable and accredited to perform the different fire tests required for marine approval. Every year IMO publishes a list of laboratories recognized by the other flag states - we are proud to say Warringtonfire Warrington and Gent are on this list.

Full-service marine fire safety

All products for the marine market need to be tested for non-combustibility, smoke and toxicity and flame spread. Warringtonfire can undertake all these tests at our U.K. and European sites.

Ships also need to have compartmentation, creating an eggbox-like structure where each pod has independent fire resistance, good fire detection and suppression.

Warringtonfire can also test and certify marine products.

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Marine Industry

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Marine Industry Services

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Marine fire testing

Marine Fire Testing

Find out more about our marine fire testing, performed across our fully accredited laboratories in the UK and Belgium.

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A ship wheel

Marine Certification

Find out more about how, as a Notified Body under the MED, we are able to provide the necessary marine certification and testing to give approval for products.

Doorsets and hardware testing

Doorsets and Hardware Testing

Find out about our full range of accredited door fire testing services and fire resistance testing for door hardware (such as locks, latches, hinges, closers, exit devices and kick plates).

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Fire resistance duct testing

Duct Testing

Find out about our fire resistance duct testing capabilities available from our BELAC accredited laboratory in Gent.

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Fire stopping product testing

Fire Stopping Product Testing

Find out about our UKAS, BELAC and NATA accredited fire stopping product testing services designed to meet British, European and International standards.

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Glass and glazing systems testing

Glass and Glazing Systems Testing

Find out about our UKAS, BELAC and NATA accredited glass and glazing systems fire testing services designed to meet British, European and International standards.

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Cold Smoke Leakage Testing

Smoke Leakage Testing

Find out about our smoke leakage testing services (to EN 1634 Part 3, BS 476 Part 31.1 and AS 1530.7), for door and shutter assemblies, openable windows and other elements of building hardware.

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Structural steelwork protection testing

Structural Steelwork Protection Testing

Find out how our team of engaged experts can work with you to create a design-led, cost-effective structural steelwork protection test programme with on-going support.

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Wall and partition systems testing

Wall and Partition Systems Testing

Find out how we perform accredited walls and partitions fire resistance testing to British, European and International standards.

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Fire resistance reports and assessments

Fire Resistance Reports and Assessments

Warringtonfire is able to help you create solutions for all your fire testing requirements and as part of this offering, we are able to provide a fire resistance assessments.

Product assessment reports

Product Assessment Reports

Find out how we are able to provide product assessment reports for passive fire protection as part of our wider offering to the fire sector.

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Site surveys for passive fire protection

Site Surveys for Passive Fire Protection

Find out how we are able to provide site surveys for passive fire protection as part of our wider offering to the fire sector.

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Furniture testing services


Find out how our sister company, FIRA International, provides specialist testing and certification support services to the furniture industry.

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Building acoustic testing

Warringtonfire Acoustic Testing

As needs become increasingly diverse, the ability to tailor acoustic testing services to customers’ precise requirements becomes an essential ingredient in project success.

oxygen index testing

CFD Fire Modelling

Solve equations regarding fluid flow and heat transfer from the growth and spread of fire.


Fire Assessments

Warringtonfire provide two different types of fire assessment services; technical fire assessments of a product or system and fire safety engineering risk assessments for fire safety and cladding.

Fire evacuation modelling

Fire Evacuation Modelling

Latest technology for fire evacuation modelling in order to create an economical and robust solution.

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Fire risk assessment

Fire Risk Assessment

Key fire safety disciplines enables us to provide the most comprehensive and insightful fire risk assessment.

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Fire safety audit

Fire Safety Audit

Complete a fire safety audit to ensure your building project is fully compliant.

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Fire safety certificate application

Fire Safety Certificate Application

Fire safety certificate application services for the Irish market.

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Fire Safety During Construction

Fire safety during construction for all types of building projects.

Fire safety strategy

Fire Strategy

Create a fire strategy in order to achieve the fire safety objectives for your construction project or completed building.

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