Doorsets, shutter assemblies and hardware testing services

Our UKAS accredited laboratories in High Wycombe (1762),Warrington (0249), our NATA accredited laboratory in Melbourne (3277) and our BELAC accredited laboratory in Gent (196-Test) provide a full range of doorset and shutter assembly fire testing services together with fire resistance testing for door hardware (such as locks, latches, hinges, closers, exit devices and kick plates). 

We also provide non-fire testing services for doorsets, shutter assemblies and hardware at our Wednesbury laboratory. 

Doorset and shutter assembly fire testing is a route to comply with the legal requirement for manufacturers of fire doorsets and shutters to provide proof that their products resist fire. Doorset and shutter assembly fire testing will generate test evidence demonstrating fire resistance performance for the required period of time (e.g. 30, 60, 120 minutes). The performance of a doorset or shutter assembly must be considered as a complete unit i.e. the door leaf/leaves, frames and all other associated component parts including door hardware.


Accredited doorset and shutter assembly fire testing

We provide accredited doorset and shutter assembly fire testing to British (BS 476), European (EN 1364, EN 14351-1, EN 1634) and International standards (AS 1530.4, AS 1905.1, NFPA 252, NFPA 257, ASTM 2074) on a range of passive fire protection products, doorsets, shutter assemblies and door hardware. Once your test is completed, you will be issued with a comprehensive and internationally recognised fire resistance test report.

Experienced fire consultants support our testing services and offer clients the opportunity to maximise the scope of coverage generated by their test evidence through an independently produced product assessment or extended field of application (EXAP) and classification report where applicable.

Since Brexit, Warringtonfire’s notified body status has moved to our sister company, Element Materials Technology Rotterdam B.V.(ERO) in the Netherlands; meaning that we are still, as a company, able to fulfil your notified body role.

As a Notified Body of the European Commission our fire resistance test evidence can be used to support the CE marking of passive fire protection products. Test evidence can also support Third Party Certification in other countries through our CERTIFIRE scheme.


Acoustic and smoke leakage testing

As part of our full service offering, we can also offer acoustic and smoke leakage testing at our High Wycombe site. We offer the following tests in addition to our fire testing for doorsets:

  • Acoustic Testing: BS EN 10140-2
  • Smoke Leakage Testing: EN 1634 Part 3 

Smoke leakage testing for doorsets is also offered at our Melbourne laboratory in Australia: 

  • Smoke Leakage Testing: AS 1530.7:2007 (R2018)