Many of our team are recognized technical and training experts in their respective fields of specialism.

We offer specialist support, practical solutions, research and assessment on a wide range of product related subjects in the construction, retail, transport and furniture industries.

Warringtonfire experts include:
Rob Axe photo

Rob Axe

Rob is a Technical Manager working for many years in the field of fire resistance testing, gaining experience across a range of passive fire protection systems.

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Peter Barker photo

Peter Barker

Peter is a Technical Manager working for many years in the field of passive fire protection, specializing in leading and supporting engineers producing engineering assessments of fire resisting construction products.

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Mark Cummings photo

Mark Cummings

Mark is Divisional Director - Technical within the Fire & Building Products sector, with a background in the fire protection of buildings, including the fire, mechanical and acoustic performance of building systems and materials.

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Beth Dean photo

Beth Dean

Beth is a Technical Lead and Fire Scientist with a wealth of experience in reaction to fire testing and is an industry leader in the development of fire testing standards.

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Catherine Henry photo

Catherine Henry

Catherine is a Fire Scientist who is responsible for the smoke and toxicity testing, as well inputting on research to develop test methods for the rail industry.

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Stephen Hunter photo

Stephen Hunter

Stephen is a Senior Fire Engineer in Qatar, having previously work on the construction phase of the Green Line of the Doha Metro.


Chris Jamieson

Chris is a Senior Accredited Fire Safety Engineer with a wealth of experience based at Warringtonfire’s Sydney office.


Mark Jones

Mark is an experienced Principal Consultant in the Fire Engineering field with particular experience in full-frame finite element analysis and how to optimize the fire resistance of composite structures.

Tom Kinder photo

Tom Kinder

Tom is an experienced Senior Technical Officer who has been heavily involved in laboratory activities for the transportation industries, with an in-depth knowledge of all the tests required for both rail and marine.

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Micael Lundqvist

Micael is a National Infrastructure Manager in Australia, specializing in fire safety engineering for road/rail tunnels and rail stations.

Janet Murrell photo

Janet Murrell

Dr Janet Murrell is a Technical Manager, liaising with clients on matters of Attestation of Conformity under the Marine Equipment Directive. She is also the UK fire expert to the UK’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

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Kjetil Pedersen photo

Kjetil Pedersen

Kjetil is the Manager of the Fire Safety Engineering division in Victoria, Australia with a vast knowledge of fire and risk engineering.

Peter Stephenson

Peter Stephenson

Peter is a Business Development Manager coordinating the development of the Middle East Fire Engineering Consultancy activities in addition to supporting the development of fire strategies, building assurance inspections and fire systems analysis for projects.

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