Warringtonfire and the automotive industry

Warringtonfire has been working with the automotive industry for 30 years. Across our independently accredited UK laboratory, Warringtonfire offers a wide range of test methods that the motor industry has developed to assess burning behaviour. We are experts in our field and provide extensive knowledge and experience in reaction to fire and fire resistance testing, ensuring your products comply with all regulations and codes.

Warringtonfire respects your confidentiality and ensures that all work is conducted in a highly restricted environment. 

How can Warringtonfire help with your automotive project

Warringtonfire is a recognized leader in evaluating material and system behaviour to a range of national and international fire safety standards.

We offer numerous fire, flammability and smoke testing standards to verify the performance of your automotive interior materials. We can also provide specialist testing to the specifications of particular car manufacturers.

Another particularly important area of focus for automotive fire resistance is the passenger compartment, as materials need to have a degree of fire resistance to allow time for evacuation in the event of an accident. Warringtonfire are experts at assisting with such testing, providing the assurance you require.

We can also provide UKAS accredited non-fire automotive testing through our parent company, Element. They specialize in many testing types, including environmental, functionality and endurance, physical and performance and interior and exterior automotive trim and components for commercial, passenger, rail and off-road vehicles.

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