Reaction to fire testing

Warringtonfire is able to provide a large number of reaction to fire testing services for multiple sectors across our UKAS accredited laboratory in Warrington, our BELAC accredited laboratory in Gent and our NATA accredited laboratory in Melbourne .

What is Reaction to fire testing?

Reaction to fire testing looks at the combustibility and ignitability of a material i.e. its contribution to fire development and spread, rather than its ability to resist the passage of fire (which is proven by fire resistance testing). How a fire develops in the very early stages is of crucial importance to ensure safe evacuation, whether you are in a plane, car, boat or building.

Our testing covers several diverse activities, all of which are carried out in specially designed fire test facilities across the globe, where we can purpose-build a wide range of structures to investigate fire behavior in any given situation.

Our team of engaged experts offer a range of UKAS and NATA accredited reaction to fire testing as well as being able to devise bespoke test programs to meet clients' particular project requirements.

You can view a selection of our short Reaction to Fire explanatory videos here.

Why reaction to fire testing?

Reaction to fire testing tends to be smaller in scale than fire resistance testing and is carried out on specific components or materials representative of end-use application. Fire spreads as a result of heat transfer when a material immediately next to a flame is heated enough for it to ignite.

How a material, substance or product will perform when exposed to a heat source can be determined through developmental research and testing programs. The early stages of a fire's development heavily influence its overall behavior.

Legislation considers this by requiring reaction to fire testing to be performed characteristics of certain building components to be determined and then controlled.

Our Services


Active fire testing

Active Fire Testing

Find out more how our accredited laboratory can provide active fire testing to the BS 8458:2015

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Reaction to fire aerospace testing

Aerospace Fire Testing

Find out more about our aerospace fire testing, which operates out of our fully accredited reaction to fire laboratories in Frankfurt and Warrington.

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Automotive fire testing

Automotive Fire Testing

Find out more about our automotive fire testing, including our fuel tank testing capabilities, which operate out of our fully accredited reaction to fire laboratories in Frankfurt and Warrington.

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Building Cladding Facade Fire Testing

Building Cladding Testing

Find out about our BS 8414 building cladding testing capabilities in Dubai, Gent and Melbourne.

Cone calorimeter reaction to fire testing at Warringtonfire

Cone calorimetry testing

Find out more about our cone calorimetry testing which is a cost-effective way to research the fire performance of products during the developmental stage.

Construction fire testing

Construction Fire Testing

Find out more about our construction fire testing across a variety of standards and test methods, with accredited laboratories placed across the globe.

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Defense fire testing

Defence Fire Testing

Find out more about our defence fire testing services and how we are experienced working with the defence industry's demanding requirements.

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 Insulation flammability testing | Reaction to fire

Insulation Flammability Testing

Flammability testing for thermal insulation is provided by Warringtonfire to BS 5803-4, as well as fire resistance tests under BS 476-1 and BS EN 13501-1

Marine fire testing

Marine Fire Testing

Find out more about our marine fire testing, performed across our fully accredited laboratories in the UK and Belgium.

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Plastics and Surface Materials

Plastics and Surface Materials

Learn how Warringtonfire can help test how your plastics and surface materials will react in a real-life fire situation, to ensure the products you develop are fit for purpose.

Rail fire testing

Rail Fire Testing

Find out more about our comprehensive range of independent rail fire testing services, performed from our UKAS, DAkkS and BELAC accredited laboratories.

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image of a roof

Roof Testing

Find out more about roof testing for reaction to fire, provided by our Gent Laboratory

Single Burning Item testing with Warringtonfire

Single Burning Item

Find out more about Single Burning Item testing, a key method for assessing the reaction to fire performance of construction products.

Textiles fire testing

Textiles Fire Testing

Find out more how our engaged experts operate textiles fire testing from our accredited laboratories in Warrington and Frankfurt.

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Timber Panels

Timber Panel Products Testing

Timber panel products need to be tested for both reaction to fire and fire resistance. Find out how we can help