Textiles fire testing tailored to you

Warringtonfire operates its textiles fire testing service from its UKAS accredited laboratory in Warrington which is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025.

Our team of engaged experts have the capability to tailor tests to client’s specific requirements, and can test the flammability of textiles in all manner of products including: flooring materials, upholstered seats and furniture and mattresses.

Textiles fire testing capabilities

Our textiles fire testing capabilities include testing to specific standards for flammability of textiles, including:

  • Testing of mattresses
  • Testing of upholstery and composite materials
  • Testing of textiles and furniture according to IMO FTP Code, Resolution MSC.307 (88), Annex 1 Parts 7-9

To find out more about how Warringtonfire can help with your textiles fire testing requirements, please contact one of our local laboratories below.