Warringtonfire and the textile industry

Warringtonfire has been working in the textile industry for almost 30 years. Textiles are the fabrics and materials used to finish off products.

Why textile fire testing?

These fabrics must be able to withstand fire, no matter where the final product ends up. Whether it be on a ship, in a plane, or a building, a textile can either help slow the spread or increase the severity of a fire event.

How can Warringtonfire help with your textile fire testing project

Warringtonfire can test any fabrics or materials that are to be used on a fire product. We test for surface and edge ignition, flame spread, burning droplets and smoke and toxicity, to name a few. In addition, we can create customized testing programs to suit your specific requirements.

Warringtonfire has a UKAS accredited laboratory in Warrington, UK, which can test textiles to their required standard. Our fully equipped and modern facility can undertake testing to most standards and purposes.

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