Warringtonfire and the defence industry

Warringtonfire has been working with the defence industry for over 30 years. The breadth and depth of our full-service testing, inspection, certification and advisory services enable us to draw on global expertise from many different disciplines. This wealth of experience and diversity of knowledge allows us to create the most optimized, cost-effective solutions for your defence project.

Why fire safety in defence

The defence industry is often under greater scrutiny than most because it is usually government-funded and tasked with protecting people from dangers often unseen. This industry must work to the highest standards, and fire safety is vital in all that they undertake.

Who would benefit from Warringtonfire defence services

Our engaged experts can work on defence fire safety projects with:

  • Emergency Services Officers
  • Emergency response and rescue personnel e.g. Fire and rescue services and Road crash rescue teams
  • Outsourced safety/emergency response trainers
  • Site managers of high risk sites requiring specific fire safety engineering solutions and risk training
  • Safety Advisors/Safety Officers

How can Warringtonfire help with your defence fire safety project

Warringtonfire can work with the defence industry to ensure that their budgets and timelines are met with the most significant attention to fire safety. From flammability, toxicity and smoke density testing of products used in defence site buildings, temporary structures and in the field, to fire safety engineering to ensure that all elements are fit for purpose and regulations and codes are adhered to, Warringtonfire works with you as a partner.

Warringtonfire fire safety engineering and defence

Warringtonfire has been engaged by the Australian Department of Defence for over 10 years to provide specialist advice in fire safety. Some of the services we have provided include:

  • Primary consulting fire engineers with the Estate Planning Policy (EEP) Directorate of the Estate & Infrastructure Group (E&IG).
  • Policy development – including as the primary consultant redrafting the Defence Manual of Fire Protection Engineering (MFPE) and the creation of the Building Works Manual (BWM). Our significant rewrite of the MFPE and the BWM were both adopted by Defence in August 2020.
  • Developing guides, templates and related information for the fire safety section page of the Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS).
  • Giving audit and inspection advice.
  • Reviewing and commenting on design documentation submitted through the Estate Governance and Integrity System (EGIS) process.
  • Liaising with stakeholders.
  • Providing Defence formatted correspondence.
  • Reviewing performance solution and dispensation requests and providing comments to those reviews.
  • Helping manage National Construction Code (NCC) performance solutions and MFPE dispensation requests.

For more information about our range of fire testing and fire safety engineering services for defence, click the links below or contact us today.

Defence Industry

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Defence Industry Services

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Defense fire testing

Defence Fire Testing

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Fire resistance reports and assessments

Fire Resistance Reports and Assessments

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Product assessment reports

Product Assessment Reports

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Site surveys for passive fire protection

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Upgrading fire performance

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BC(A)R Ancillary Assigned Certifier services

BC(A)R Ancillary Assigned Certifier Services

Includes addressing design queries, undertaking site inspections and certification of the works.

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oxygen index testing

CFD Fire Modelling

Solve equations regarding fluid flow and heat transfer from the growth and spread of fire.

Disability access certificate

Disability Access Certificate Application

Disability access certificate application, from initial design review to approvals stage.

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Fire Assessments

Warringtonfire provide two different types of fire assessment services; technical fire assessments of a product or system and fire safety engineering risk assessments for fire safety and cladding.

Fire evacuation modelling

Fire Evacuation Modelling

Latest technology for fire evacuation modelling in order to create an economical and robust solution.

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Fire risk assessment

Fire Risk Assessment

Key fire safety disciplines enables us to provide the most comprehensive and insightful fire risk assessment.

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Fire safety audit

Fire Safety Audit

Complete a fire safety audit to ensure your building project is fully compliant.

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Fire safety certificate application

Fire Safety Certificate Application

Fire safety certificate application services for the Irish market.

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Fire Safety During Construction

Fire safety during construction for all types of building projects.

Fire safety strategy

Fire Strategy

Create a fire strategy in order to achieve the fire safety objectives for your construction project or completed building.

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Structural analysis

Structural Analysis

The Warringtonfire structural fire engineering team has the expertise and tools required to investigate the behaviour and response of structures or structural components exposed to fire.

Structural fire engineering

Structural Fire Engineering

Support on your overall fire strategy including structural fire engineering.

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Technical due diligence fire safety surveys

Technical Due Diligence Fire Safety Surveys

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Third party fire systems review

Third Party Fire Systems Review

All facets of fire engineering, including third party fire systems review.

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Al-Futtaim Element Third Party QA Services

Third Party QA Services

Our Dubai DIP-2 laboratory is able to offer third-party QA services, acting as a second set of eyes to verify a high quality product, process or service provided


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