Warringtonfire and the aerospace industry

Warringtonfire has been working with the aerospace industry for almost 30 years. The aerospace industry prides itself on its safety record and works tirelessly to ensure that they are continually improving standards to ensure the safety of all those who travel. Our engaged experts keep on top of the latest legislation and ensure that your products will always meet the correct regulations, to provide assurance to an industry where failure in a fire event could be catastrophic.

Why fire safety in aerospace

An aeroplane is an enclosed space, often full of passengers, in which any fire event could quickly spread. Due to this enclosed aspect and the altitudes at which planes must fly, there is often no easy evacuation strategy mid-flight. Fire prevention is therefore critical through materials selected in aeroplane design and any fire event products used must demonstrate that they are fit for purpose and help resist or stop a potential fire event, rather than contribute to it.

How can Warringtonfire help with your aerospace project

Products used in the aerospace industry must be tested for:

  • Smoke and toxicity so that if the materials burn or smoulder, they don’t release gases that may impair or harm the passengers and staff
  • Flammability so that products can’t easily set alight and encourage a potential fire
  • Spread of flame to ensure that if a fire does break out, it can be contained
  • Heat release as an enclosed space can quickly be overcome by heat and its effects.

Warringtonfire is independently accredited to perform fire testing for the aerospace industry in our DAkkS and Airbus accredited laboratory in Frankfurt, Germany.

Fire engineering in the aerospace industry

Our aerospace industry services are not limited to the aircraft themselves. Warringtonfire’s Fire Engineers can also work on airport projects to ensure the building, the gates and the runways are compliant with regulations and safe for passengers as they start or continue on their journeys.

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