Defence fire testing

Warringtonfire works alongside the defence industry, supporting it with all manner of defence fire testing.

Our UK laboratories are UKAS accredited, our Australian laboratory is NATA accredited, our Gent laboratory is BELAC accredited and our Frankfurt laboratory is DAkkS accredited.

The defence industry must be careful with how it spends its allocated budget to ensure equipment reliability and safety and is under constant scrutiny. This makes it a very challenging environment to work within to ensure that it meets it defence fire testing requirements.

Warringtonfire is experienced is working with the defence industries demanding requirements and is able to perform the defence fire testing to suits the ever-changing needs.

Our capabilities for defence fire testing

Our defence fire testing includes flammability, smoke density and toxicity testing to the following standards:

  • Defence Standard 07-247
  • BS 476 Part 6 Fire propagation
  • BS 476 Part 7 Spread of flame
  • ISO 4589-2 Oxygen index
  • ISO 4589-3 App A temperature index
  • NF X 70-100 Toxicity
  • IMO 307(88) Part 2 Smoke and toxicity
  • Defence Standard 02-711 Smoke density
  • Defence Standard 02-713 Toxicity