John is Lead Technical Officer for fire resistance testing. He holds a Forensic Science Bsc and is based at our Warringtonfire laboratory in High Wycombe.

He joined Warringtonfire in October 2017 and initially spent three years as a technical officer before being promoted to lead technical officer. John also helps represent the fire resistance team at Egolf (European Group of Organizations for Fire Testing, Inspection and Certification).

John joined Warringtonfire to pursue a role within the applied sciences field. He is now responsible for a team of technical officers and has a specific focus on the quality and technical side of the department. John enjoys learning and problem solving; both of which are aplenty in his role, and he enjoys being part of a rapidly developing field, team and industry.

His team works very closely with the laboratory team - who prepare and physically run fire resistance tests. They also work alongside the support services team and the certification and technical areas of Warringtonfire, as all these roles combined directly affect customers and all play a pivotal role in testing programmes.

John plans to continue to develop the fire resistance testing team, looking to hone their processes as they strive to achieve excellence within the testing field.