Courtney Clifford joined Warringtonfire in July 2019 as a lab technician, before being promoted to lead technical officer. He recently received a Sector Excellence Award for customer service.

Prior to joining Warringtonfire, Courtney spent a number of years in both the construction and fire compartmentation sectors.

Technical expertise is at the heart of Courtney’s team. They have a good understanding of all the main standards and advise clients on the most relevant bespoke testing programme they should follow. 

The team of technical officers work closely with colleagues in the technical team in terms of fire consultancy and assessments, and also the wider certification team. They constantly utilise continuous improvement methods to ensure that they are working in the best way to meet the needs of clients.

Customer service is a key focus Courtney’s team, alongside face-to-face customer interactions, which has increased customer satisfaction. As well as continuing his career progression within Warringtonfire, Courtney plans to help the team grow and develop, placing a strong emphasis on customer service.