Michael is a Certification Engineer at Warringtonfire, currently seconded to the Reaction to Fire Technical team, working on classification and extended application reports.

He has a qualification from the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) in Passive Fire Protection and a chemistry degree from Durham University. Before joining Warringtonfire (in July 2021) he spent nine years at the Building Research Establishment (BRE), where he was involved in various aspects of fire testing.

Michael joined Warringtonfire to develop his skills and broaden his experience across different parts of the fire testing industry. He is based in the High Wycombe laboratory.

Earlier in his career, Michael was part of a Student Ambassador programme designed to educate school children about fire testing and fire safety.

Michael now works closely with Warringtonfire’s Reaction to Fire testing teams, ensuring reports are accurate and working closely with experts to ensure clients have the correct testing programmes set where classification and/or extended application is required. These teams possess experience and knowledge of the various testing methods involved within EN 13501 ‘EN 13501 Fire classification of construction products and building elements’, enabling them to assist clients unfamiliar with fire testing requirements. 

As more products gain a classification to determine their likely fire performance, the easier it is for the construction industry to use the correct products to make their buildings safer. 

Two things Michael enjoys most about his role are the sense of accomplishment when finishing a complicated extended application process and the support he gets from other team members.