European Technical Assessments (ETAs)

European Technical Assessments give manufacturers a route to CE marking for products that are not covered by harmonized EN standards.

We pride ourselves in being the only European ETA issuing body that specializes in fire protection products and systems.

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) states that the removal of technical barriers in the field of construction may only be achieved by the creation of harmonized technical specifications for the purposes of assessing the performance of construction products.

Those harmonized technical specifications should include testing, calculation and other means, defined within harmonized standards and European Assessment Documents for assessing performance in relation to the essential mandated characteristics of construction products.

If you think the fire safety performance of your construction product could benefit from CE marking and you are not sure if an appropriate harmonized standard or European Assessment Document exists, please get in touch.

Our TAB status, and how it can help you

As a Technical Assessment Body (TAB) and member of the European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA) we can initiate or participate in writing European Assessment Documents (EADs) for truly novel products that have not been assessed before.

Like harmonized standards, EADs are harmonized technical specifications that provide consistency in the assessment method of a product type for all EU member states.

Once an EAD is adopted by the European Commission, our TAB status also allows us to assess a manufacturer’s product range against it and issue a European Technical Assessment (ETA). We can assist manufacturers in determining if an applicable EAD already exists.

As a Notified Certification Body we can audit a manufacturer’s production site against the requirements of an ETA and CE mark the product made there.

Warringtonfire Certification is an active member within Europe in the development of harmonized EN standards and European Assessment Documents for a wide range of products, such as doors, windows, glass,fire stopping products and hardware to name only a few.