What is UKCA Marking?


UKCA Marking is a new product certification system used for manufactured products sold in England, Wales, and Scotland. The term "UKCA" stands for "UK Conformity Assessed". UKCA marking rules are very similar to those currently in place for the existing CE mark.


Any products for sale in markets outside of the UK must still carry the CE mark, if they fall within EU Directives. UKCA marking alone cannot be used for goods placed on the Northern Ireland market; an agreement between the EU and the UK called the Northern Ireland Protocol came into force on 1 January 2021. As long as this agreement is in force, Northern Ireland will align with relevant EU rules relating to the placing on the manufactured goods market. This means CE marking issued by an EU Notified Body can demonstrate conformity with the applicable technical requirements in this region, or the UKNI If you are using a UK approval body to carry out mandatory third-party conformity assessments.


Since Brexit, Warringtonfire’s notified body status has moved to our sister company, Element Materials Technology Rotterdam B.V.(ERO) in the Netherlands; meaning that we are still, as a company, able to fulfil your notified body role.



UKCA marking requirements for construction


The UK Construction Products Regulation aims to confirm the performance characteristics of a construction product, this is delivered by Designated Standards for use in the UK. Great Britain UK product regulation permits the relevant Secretary of State to 'designate' standards for regulatory conformity purposes. This replaces the European Commission's citation of harmonised European standards in the Official Journal of the European Union. 


UKCA marking complies with the Construction Products Regulation 2011 (retained EU law EUR 2011/305) as amended by the Construction Products (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 and the Construction Products (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020.


The UK Construction Products Regulation requires manufacturers of products trading within parts of the United Kingdom to draw up a Declaration of Performance (DoP).


If manufacturers place products on both the UK and the EU markets, they will need CE marking, UKCA marking and to produce two Declaration of Performances (DoP's) - one relating to the CE and one to the UKCA marking.




Yes, you may. It is becoming increasingly common to see multiple conformity marks on internationally sold products. Please ensure that they fulfil the associated requirements for each mark so as not to confuse the intended market. 

What requires immediate action by my business?


If you are located within and selling into the UK market, your products may already be correctly CE marked. The only action necessary for you before 2023 is to contact a UK Approval Body to seek information on what’s required so as to place the UKCA marking on your products.


If you are based outside the UK, and you currently sell CE marked products and from January 2023 UKCA marked products within the UK, then in many cases. You also need to identify a UK address (importer or Authorised Representative) on the product or its accompanying documentation.


If you relied on a Notified Body certificate from a UK based organisation before Brexit. This is no longer valid and, you must get that certificate re-issued by an EU based Notified Body for your CE mark to be valid and justifiable. 


By 30 June 2025, your business will need to have updated the markings on products you sell within the UK, ensuring they have the UKCA mark present.

Once a product has passed the necessary conformity assessment successfully and all relevant documentation has been compiled, including a UKCA Declaration of Conformity, the UKCA mark can be attached. 


For the marking to be valid within the market, you must follow these rules:


  • Your product must use the official UKCA mark/logo 
  • The UKCA mark must be at a minimum of 5mm tall
  • The logo must not be distorted and follow the proportions of the official logo
  • The label must be clear and legible
  • The required details of the manufacturer/importer should be positioned near the mark/logo


If you are personally affixing the UKCA mark, you must carry a legal responsibility for the conformity of the product with the relevant regulations. 

1 January 2021: From this date, the UKCA mark will be accepted for all relevant products sold in Great Britain - this will include a large proportion of goods that previously and currently hold CE mark status.


30 June 2025: This date marks the end of the extended courtesy period for construction products.