Wall and partition systems testing services

Warringtonfire provides accredited fire resistance testing of walls and partition walls to Australian, British, European and International standards for load bearing systems and non-load bearing systems from our UKAS accredited laboratories in Warrington, High Wycombe, our BELAC accredited laboratory in Gent and our NATA accredited laboratory in Melbourne.

Experienced fire consultants support our wall and partition wall fire testing services and offer clients the opportunity to maximize the scope of coverage generated by their test evidence through an independently produced product assessment or extended field of application (EXAP) and classification report where applicable.

Load bearing systems

To help against collapse or failure of a building, there is a requirement for load bearing systems to have a minimum standard of fire resistance. Such wall or partition wall must maintain the fire integrity and independent structural stability of buildings. The fire resistance of load bearing systems can be demonstrated through destructive fire test evidence.

Non-load bearing systems

The spread of fire within a building can be restricted by using fire resisting walls and partition walls to separate the building into compartments and allow means of escape. The fire resistance of non-load bearing systems can be demonstrated through destructive fire test evidence.

Why Warringtonfire?

Our team of engaged experts ensure that Warringtonfire is one of the leading providers of wall and partition wall system testing. We understand the need that you must develop new products and the importance of getting these products to market at just the right time.

That’s why we are fully equipped to offer the service you need, when you need it.