Glass and glazing systems testing services

Warringtonfire undertakes glass and glazing systems testing from our UKAS accredited laboratories in High Wycombe and Warrington, our BELAC accredited laboratory in Gent and our NATA accredited laboratory in Melbourne.

Why do I need to test my glass and glazing system?

Glass and glazing systems are increasingly being used in construction products due to their aesthetic appeal, but the fire testing requirements in order to do so are becoming increasingly rigorous

Glass and glazing systems may often be designed to be fire resistant, so they can be used as a barrier for fire separation or compartmentalization as part of an integrated fire strategy for the building.

Where this is the case, all aspects of the glass and glazing system are crucial, including glass type, intumescent specification and method of installation.

The whole assembly must function as an integral system that must be compatible under fire conditions and the fire resistance performance must be proven by appropriate and relevant test evidence.

Why Warringtonfire for your glass and glazing systems testing?

Warringtonfire can test to Australian, British, European and International standards for fire rated glass and glazing and other passive fire protection products.

On completion of your product testing with us, you will be issued with a comprehensive and internationally recognized fire resistance test report.

As a Notified Body of the European Commission, our fire resistance test evidence can be used to support the CE marking of passive fire protection products.

Our team of engaged experts are experienced fire consultants who support our testing service in order to offer clients the opportunity to maximize the scope of coverage generated by their test evidence. This is through an independently produced product assessment or extended field of application and classification report where applicable.


To find out how Warringtonfire can assist with your individual glass and glazing system testing requirements, please contact one of our local laboratories below