Structural steelwork protection testing services

Warringtonfire undertakes structural steelwork protection testing at our UKAS accredited laboratory in Warrington, our BELAC accredited laboratory in Gent and our NATA accredited laboratory in Melbourne.

Our structural steelwork protection testing capabilities help to extend asset life, bring predictability to applications and shorten the time to market for customers’ products, processes and materials.

Warringtonfire’s team of engaged experts work with you to create a design-led, cost-effective structural steelwork protection test program to help you achieve your objectives. As well as offering on-going support and advice with complete confidentiality.

Warringtonfire are global leaders in fire testing, providing solutions for a wide range of structural steelwork protection products. We are able to support you through our state-of-the-art, temperature controlled, highly secure, steelwork sample preparation booths and we are accredited by UKAS, for testing and third-party certification.

End-to-end steelwork protection process

Launching new protective steelwork products onto the market can be a complex business, and due to the nature of these ‘life safety’ products it’s critical that you seek the best possible advice.

Warringtonfire is fully equipped to guide you through the structural steelwork protection testing process from start to finish. We offer an end-to-end solution including independent fire testing and fire certification services that are a globally-respected mark of quality assurance.

We can help customers achieve regulatory compliance, market entry and competitive advantage by selecting the best possible scope of testing and certification, and by providing support and advice throughout.

Our services support both structural steelwork and non-structural steelwork elements in building, offshore and marine applications for both fire resistance and reaction to fire performance.

The Process

  • Initial technical advice and guidance
  • Fire resistance testing
  • Reaction to fire testing
  • Environmental testing
  • Technical assessment and evaluation
  • Third-party certification - application, factory audit and product sampling
  • Publication of certification and ongoing review

Warringtonfire has test laboratories and certification bodies across the EU and UK, we have solutions to act as:

  • A Notified Body to support your testing and certification requirements for the CE marking of your products for use in the EU and NI. 
  • An Approved/Notified body (NI) to support your testing and certification needs for UKCA marking in the GB market, and CE+UK(NI) marking for the NI market.

Please note that since Brexit, Warringtonfire’s notified body status has moved to our sister company, Element Materials Technology Rotterdam B.V.(ERO) in the Netherlands; meaning that we are still, as a company, able to fulfil your notified body role.

Following the post-Brexit trade agreement, please contact one of our engaged experts to discuss your test, certification and market requirements such that we can offer a cost effective solution. Note that it is highly likely that the current acceptance of CE marked products in Great Britain will end on 30 June 2025, even so, it is critical you contact us in good time to ensure you are prepared for UKCA marking.