Warringtonfire’s Certisecure scheme is an independent third-party certification scheme in support of 'Secured by Design' that offers enforcement authorities, architects, specifiers and building owners a high level of confidence that products offer an enhanced level of security, whilst at the same time maintaining fitness for purpose.

Testing is provided by our sister company Element Materials Technology


What is Secured by Design?

The police initiative for designing out crime, Secured by Design is widely adapted by the hardware, door and window industry as a way of improving the burglar resistance of products and proving compliance with building regulations.

A key part of Secured by Design involves acknowledging and ensuring the quality of security products. This includes requiring 3rd party certification on all their licenced products.

Where a domestic level of security is required, doors and windows are typically certified for PAS24. For construction products such as garage or industrial doors, walls burglar resistance classification should be to stringent technical specifications such as STS202 or STS222. Certifying the security performance of complete doorset and window units, but also constituent hardware items such as cylinders, handles and letterplates, helps to protect property and people effectively from burglary.


Certisecure for Secured by Design

Certisecure is a scheme provided by Warringtonfire for manufacturers and suppliers, offering end users confidence in a product’s performance to deliver property protection and public safety.  In the UK, Certisecure supports the police-sponsored Secured by Design initiative. We ensure that the scheme is kept up-to-date, in order to combat the latest methods criminals are employing.

The fundamental benefit of Certisecure is seated in giving the regulator, specifier, customer and end-user confidence with regards to the stated performance of the product. It provides an informed choice to those purchasing or selecting the product.


Dual security certification from Warringtonfire

Warringtonfire offer UKAS accredited certification schemes for a range of product, services and personnel. Dual scope certification on a product to both our Certisecure and Certifire schemes delivers confidence that performance is maintained when a product is specified for applications that require a security rating combined with fire and smoke performance, for instance multiple occupancy high-risk residential applications.

All of our schemes are recognised by Secured by Design and listed as providing a similar or better performance than PAS24 in Approved Document Q of the Building Regulations.