Are you a manufacturer or distributor of solar and green roof panels looking to understand the testing process? You may also find this webinar useful if you are involved in Architecture and Building design or building compliance. 

Don’t be caught out by not understanding the compliance aspects.  

Our testing experts are here to explain and will also briefly touch on upcoming standards updates.  

What will I learn?

The presentation will cover:

  • Answering common customer questions on testing solar and green roof panels
  • Providing insight into why it’s important to get them tested
  • When they should be tested
  • Who is responsible for getting them tested
  • Testing on existing roofs with added solar panels/green roofs
  • Regulations
  • Q&A (please submit questions in advance to

The presentation will be delivered in English.


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Our presenter: Jarich Van Wesemael, Technical Sales Associate, Warringtonfire.

Jarich will be joined on the Q&A by Said Rabana, Business Development Associate, Warringtonfire and Mikel Nachtergaele, Project Coordinator Reaction to Fire, Warringtonfire. 

Jarich is Technical Sales Associate at Warringtonfire Gent. He has nine years of experience, from operator to technical sales associate, the entire range of testing, classification and extended application on roofs has become his area of expertise.

Jarich represents Warringtonfire Gent in the technical committee TC FSH/22/-/8-Fire on roofs.


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