Are you a manufacturer or distributor of construction products based in China or the Far East region wanting to know what impact the Brexit trade agreement has on your ability to continue to sell to the UK and EU markets?

Don’t be caught out by changes to product marking since the UK left the EU.  Our certification experts are here to explain the changes to CE marking and the introduction of UKCA and UKNI Marking.  What will I learn? The presentation will cover The updated rules for the UKCA mark and how they impact manufacturers What is an economic operator? How and when the UKCA mark is use? Under what circumstances you can still continue to use the CE mark The rules for Northern Ireland and Ireland When the rules come into force and is there a transition period Why your third party certification or self certification may no longer be valid in the UK or Europe How can you achieve UK and EU coverage without having to duplicate testing Testing and acceptance of test evidence The new transition date for the mark What should you do next? Q&A The presentation will be delivered in English; however, our colleague Leo Zuo based in Hong Kong will be on the webinar and able to respond to questions in Mandarin.   Click here to secure your place  Our presenters: Niresh Somlie, Principle Technical Officer, BM TRADA.  Niresh will be joined on the Q&A by Leo Zuo, Certification Support Manager, Warringtonfire   Click here to secure your place    About our presenter Niresh Somlie bio: Niresh is a principle technical officer at BM TRADA and has a solid understanding of construction products legislation. He represents BM TRADA at various organizations, committees and forums, such as European Organization for Technical Assessment (EOTA) as a Technical Board Member, Standing Committee for Construction (SCC), Sector Group 20 (SG 20) and UK Mirror Group for Sector Group 17 (SG17). In addition, Niresh is a qualified auditor for both product and ISO 9001 (Qualified Lead Auditor - ISO 9001).   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   UKCA 标志信息网络研讨会   网络研讨会 英国脱欧相关信息更新 面向继续在英国和欧盟开展贸易的中国及远东客户[   2022 年 5 月 12 日(星期四) – 北京时间下午 2-3 点/英国时间早上 7-8 点   与认证专家 Niresh Somlie 一道,参加建材制造商/分销商专题网络研讨会。 如果您是位于中国或远东地区的[g2]建材[/g2]制造商或分销商,希望了解英国脱欧贸易协议对您继续在英国及欧盟市场出售产品有哪些影响。 英国脱欧后,产品标志发生了变化,不要因为不了解这些变化而受到影响。 我们的认证专家将为您详细介绍 CE 标志的变化,以及开始使用的 UKCA 和 UKNI 标志。   可以了解哪些内容?   本研讨会将介绍 有关 UKCA 标志的最新规定及其对制造商的影响 什么是经济运营者? 如何及何时使用 UKCA 标志? 哪些情况下仍可继续使用 CE 标志 北爱尔兰及爱尔兰的相关规定 规定何时生效?是否有过渡期? 为什么第三方认证或自我认证在英国或欧洲可能不再有效 如何让产品认证覆盖英国和欧盟,而无需重复检测 检测及检测结果认可 UKCA 标志新的强制实施日期 您应如何应对? 问答 本研讨会将以英语进行;但我们的香港同事 Leo Zuo 将参加网络研讨会,用普通话回答问题。 点击此处报名参会   主持人: BM TRADA 首席技术官 Niresh Somlie Warringtonfire 认证支持经理 Leo Zuo 将参与问答环节 点击此处报名参会 [2][/g1][4][g2][g3][g4] 主持人 Niresh Somlie 简介: Niresh 是 BM TRADA 的首席技术官,精通建材方面的法律。 他代表 BM TRADA 参加多个组织、委员会及论坛,如欧洲技术评估组织 (EOTA)(担任技术委员会成员)、建筑常设委员会 (SCC) 部门小组 20 (SG 20) 及 UK Mirror Group 部门小组 17 (SG17)。 此外,Niresh 还是拥有资质的产品及 ISO 9001 审核员(ISO 9001 合格主任审核员)。 与认证专家 Niresh Somlie 一道,参加建材制造商/分销商专题网络研讨会。 如果您是位于中国或远东地区的建材制造商或分销商,希望了解英国脱欧贸易协议对您继续在英国及欧盟市场出售产品有哪些影响。 英国脱欧后,产品标志发生了变化,不要因为不了解这些变化而受到影响。 我们的认证专家将为您详细介绍 CE 标志的变化,以及开始使用的 UKCA 和 UKNI 标志。 网络研讨会将有讲普通话的同事参与。