Join Matt Booth, Senior Fire Safety Consultant, Warringtonfire Australia, for a live webinar from 11 am – 12 pm AEDT on Tuesday, 21 March 2023.

Learn about the fire hazards of electric vehicles (EVs) and associated charging infrastructure located within buildings. 

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Why should I attend?

From product recalls of exploding consumer electronics, to a 3-day fire caused by a battery electricity storage facility in Australia, lithium-ion batteries are a recognised fire hazard. Similar fire hazards exist when it comes to the lithium-ion batteries installed in EVs.


There is an international drive towards reducing emissions which is resulting in a rapid uptake of EVs including requirements in the National Construction Code 2022 for provisions for EV chargers to be installed in new buildings. To contrast this rapid uptake of technology, there is a distinct lack of regulatory guidance to address fire safety concerns.

The webinar is intended to present a high-level overview of the available research into the fire characteristics of EVs with lithium-ion batteries, with emphasis on the implications of these characteristics within the built environment in areas such as carparks. The webinar will discuss:

  • Lithium-ion battery technology and thermal runaway.
  • The impact of charging on the likelihood of an EV fire.
  • The explosion hazard that can be created by the high volumes of combustible gas that may be released from lithium-ion batteries.
  • Characteristics of a typical internal combustion engine vehicle fire vs a typical EV fire including jet flames.
  • The potential for reignition of EV fires.
  • Effectiveness of available suppression mediums for EV fires.

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Who the event is aimed at

This scope includes, but is not limited to, certifiers, building surveyors, architects, developers, builders, fire safety engineers and the construction industry.

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About Matt Booth

Matt Booth is a senior fire safety consultant working at Warringtonfire in Sydney. Prior to his employment at Warringtonfire, he worked for a product developer and supplier in the fire industry with experience in R&D, sales and project management.

Matt is responsible for completing fire safety engineering assessments and preparing performance solution reports for a wide range of new and existing buildings – including residential, office buildings, retail buildings, health and educational facilities.

Matt completed his Master’s thesis on the topic of fire protection of lithium-ion battery systems within buildings which carries across a lot of relevant information to the topic of electric vehicles. He has also remained highly involved in Warringtonfire's response to the emerging hazard that electric vehicles represent in building design and continually seeks the newest information on this topic.