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International Fire Protection - September 2020

Read David Campbell's, Divisional Director of Middle East and India, comment Using Education to Improve Fire Safety on Page 2 in the Print Version and Page 4 in the Digital Version

Also take time to read Mostafa Jafarian and Jifeny Yuan's article on Fire Design of Composite Beams on Pages 46-50 in the Print Version and Pages 48-52 in the Digital Version


Fire Middle East - August 2020

Read about the challenges of Fire Engineering for Mixed Use Buildings by James Daniels

And learn more about the full purpose of Doors and Windows in a technical article written in collaboration by Paul Duggan and Fawaz Hashim


Gulf Fire - July 2020

Learn more about David Campbell, Divisional Director Middle East and India, by reading his interview on Pages 38-89 in the Print Version and Pages 40-41 in the Digital Version

Read Ian Bangalan's article of the role of Passive Fire Protection in buildings on Pages 64-66 in the Print Version and Pages 66-68 in the Digital Version.

Fire Middle East - May 2020

Read the Peter Stephenson has written about the importance of having a fully inclusive fire strategy


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