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Fire Middle East - October 2020

Read James Daniel's article on how lessons learned from past events in public assembly buildings have led to the creation and updating of life safety codes in the UAE, in his article Protecting Cinemas and Places of Public Assembly on pages 20-23 in the Print Version and Pages 22-25 in the Digital Version.

Also take time to read about how robust testing supported by third party certification can deliver product assurance in Peter Barker's article The Importance of Testing on pages 31-33 in the Print Version and Pages 33-35 in the Digital Version

International Fire Protection - September 2020

Read David Campbell's, Divisional Director of Middle East and India, comment Using Education to Improve Fire Safety on Page 2 in the Print Version and Page 4 in the Digital Version

Also take time to read Mostafa Jafarian and Jifeny Yuan's article on Fire Design of Composite Beams on Pages 46-50 in the Print Version and Pages 48-52 in the Digital Version

Fire Middle East - August 2020

Read about the challenges of Fire Engineering for Mixed Use Buildings by James Daniels

And learn more about the full purpose of Doors and Windows in a technical article written in collaboration by Paul Duggan and Fawaz Hashim


Gulf Fire - July 2020

Learn more about David Campbell, Divisional Director Middle East and India, by reading his interview on Pages 38-89 in the Print Version and Pages 40-41 in the Digital Version

Read Ian Bangalan's article of the role of Passive Fire Protection in buildings on Pages 64-66 in the Print Version and Pages 66-68 in the Digital Version.

Fire Middle East - May 2020

Read the Peter Stephenson has written about the importance of having a fully inclusive fire strategy

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