An introduction to active fire protection and certification

Active fire protection systems such as water sprinkler and spray systems are widely used in the UK. They are described as active because they are automatically activated to suppress a fire. Most visitors to buildings are aware of them because of their immediate visibility. The duty of the fire protection system may be to extinguish the fire, control the fire, or provide exposure protection to prevent knock-on effects. Ultimately fire protection systems exist to protect lives and in the case of sprinklers, to protect property and extinguish the fire and stop it spreading.

Active fire protection systems need to be reliable, and the design of the system should demonstrate this. In addition, active fire protection systems must be well maintained to ensure reliability.

How can third-party certification for installers of fire protection provides reassurance

Getting the specification, installation and maintenance of this specialist equipment right is extremely difficult, requiring expert skills, knowledge, and competence. When dealing with high risk, it’s crucial to invest in extra peace of mind, which is why specifying third-party certification is important to provide reassurance.

Warringtonfire operates a well established, independent third-party certification scheme for installers of passive and active fire protection – FIRAS.

FIRAS is a third party certification scheme for installation contractors of passive and active fire protection systems and is accredited by UKAS. FIRAS certification is awarded to the contracting company, not individual supervisors or operatives.

The certification scheme was launched to improve standards of installation of fire protection products/systems to the benefit of the construction industry, its customers, and the wider public.

FIRAS is the mark of endorsement of competency in the installation of products and systems, vital for achieving the protection required.

Why Choose a FIRAS certificated Installation Contractor

Third-party installer certification provides confidence that the product will be installed professionally. FIRAS certificated contractors are required to undergo a three-stage assessment process. And, only when the applicant contractor has satisfied all these criteria certification is granted:

Fire protection systems - Assessment of office management systems

Fire protection systems - Assessment of workmanship on-site for all trade disciplines for which certification is sought

Fire protection systems - Competence assessment of supervisory and installation employees.

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