Fire resistance assessments

Warringtonfire is able to help you create solutions for all your fire testing requirements and as part of this offering, we are able to provide fire resistance assessments.

In the built environment, there is often a legal requirement for products such as doors, screens, partitions, floors and ceilings to resist the passage and spread of fire for the entire life cycle of the product.

Over time, the information relating to the status of fire protection in a building is not always fully maintained. Changes in a building use, regulatory reform or acting on the significant findings of a fire risk assessment can result in a need to establish the current levels of protection.

An on-site survey, resulting in a fire resistance assessment, can easily re-establish the status of the fire protection and provide information on any appropriate upgrading or replacement work, as necessary.

For certain projects that require bespoke solutions, a fire resistance assessment by a Product Assessor may be the only appropriate approach to establish likely performance.

Why fire resistance assessments

The process of proving product / system performance through testing and assessments can be both complex and expensive. Our Product Assessors can ensure that the client takes the most cost-effective and advantageous route through this process by providing a fire resistance assessment.

Our team of Product Assessors provide a wide range of fire resistance assessment services within the field of passive fire protection, to UK and International organisations.

Our in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements and product performance means we can support clients in making informed decisions about their products.

A key area in which we provide fire resistance assessment services is fire resistance testing. As part of this service, we offer Product Assessment Reports, which extend the coverage of test data to allow the development of new designs or design variations, without the need for additional testing.

A further area in which our Product Assessors provide significant expertise is in site surveys of critical passive fire protection measures including fire doors, paneling, service penetrations and compartment lines. Where necessary, we can explain considerations relating to replacing or upgrading the fire performance of existing components to satisfy Building Control requirements.

Where this work involves listed or historic buildings, our Product Assessors can talk you through the issues surrounding upgrading fire performance within heritage and conservation guidelines.