Warringtonfire achieves endorsement of their Certifire scheme in Australia

London, UK – 3 February 2021 – Warringtonfire, part of the Element Materials Technology Group, has had its Certifire passive fire product certification scheme endorsed by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ).

This endorsement recognises the scheme as suitable for issuing JAS-ANZ-accredited certification as a conformity assessment body (CAB).

Warringtonfire’s Certifire scheme certifies that a product has passed fire-performance and quality-assurance tests in accordance with relevant Australian test standards. It differentiates manufacturers of fire-protection products and systems from non-certified equivalents and provides long-term confidence to specifiers and end-users by helping to improve the quality and certainty of the products being installed.

The original Certifire third-party certification scheme was introduced by Warringtonfire over 20 years ago and is widely recognised and accepted in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. This long-term history indicates a well-established, tried and tested scheme that has helped shape product certification within these regions throughout that period. 

Rob Veitch, EVP of Fire & Building Products at Element, said: “The original Certifire scheme is well-known and well-used in other markets and this new Australian version will offer product manufacturers both testing and certification from an industry-leading provider. It will also complement Warringtonfire Australia’s current fire testing, fire safety engineering and assessment consultancy services.

“Our next step in the process is working towards our accreditation as a CAB under JAS-ANZ. This will offer customers and their end-users even more confidence in terms of performance, quality, reliability and traceability.”

Product certification provides an avenue for compliance with Volumes one and two of the National Construction Code (NCC) by satisfying the evidence of suitability requirements  defined in the Building Code of Australia (BCA).


About Warringtonfire

Warringtonfire, part of the Element Materials Technology Group, specialises in providing a comprehensive range of independent fire testing, assessment, engineering and certification services to international markets from a network of accredited sites across the globe including UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

We exist to help our customers to make certain that the materials, products and systems that they make are safe, high quality, compliant and ultimately fit for purpose, leveraging our 40 years of testing experience and our global testing capabilities.

About Element

The Element Materials Technology Group is one of the world’s leading global providers of testing, inspection and certification services for a diverse range of materials, products and technologies in advanced industrial supply chains where failure is not an option. Headquartered in London, UK, Element’s team of more than 6,000 expert [CM3]scientists, engineers and technicians operate from around 200 locations across five continents, delivering an extensive range of solutions to customers in critical industries including aerospace, connected technologies, construction, defence, energy, environmental, life sciences and transportation.

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