Warringtonfire Australia invests in cone testing capabilities

London, UK – February 10, 2020 – Independent fire-testing company Warringtonfire, which is part of the Element Group, has invested in cone testing capabilities at its Melbourne, Australia laboratory.

The laboratory’s new cone calorimeter evaluates the reaction-to-fire properties of a material in a well-defined fire scenario. Cone calorimetry is one of the methods used in AS 5637.1:2015, which determines the fire hazard properties of wall and ceiling linings. It can be used as a potential pathway for determining the group numbers that are required for building materials as per the National Construction Code.

Group numbers can be obtained from either a full-scale corner room burn test to AS ISO 9705:2003, or when appropriate, predicted using data from a small-scale cone calorimetry test in accordance with AS/NZS 3837 or ISO 5660-1. The latter two standards are a new offering for Warringtonfire Australia.

Rob Veitch, EVP of Fire & Building Products at Element, said: “Testing for heat and smoke production and release rates is crucial in the design of new products, including building, marine and railway products, furnishings, and cables. The cone calorimetry capabilities complement our existing offering and provide our customers with a fulsome fire testing service to Australian national standards.”

Warringtonfire offers a comprehensive range of impartial and independent fire safety services that are a globally respected mark of quality assurance. From developing fire safety design strategies, through testing and certification of passive fire protection products, to inspection, commissioning and certification of completed projects, Warringtonfire can help with all aspects of fire safety.


About Warringtonfire

Warringtonfire, part of the Element Group, specializes in providing a comprehensive range of independent fire testing, assessment, engineering and certification services to international markets from a network of accredited sites across the globe including Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

We exist to help our customers to make certain that the materials, products and systems that they make are safe, quality, compliant and ultimately fit for purpose, leveraging our 40 years of testing experience and our global testing capabilities.

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