The project

The Warringtonfire Perth team were engaged to undertake the fire safety services for the construction of the first thermal energy from waste facility in Australia. The Avertas Energy facility uses moving grate technology to process approximately 400,000 tonnes of residual, post-recycling waste, which would have otherwise been diverted to landfill.


Our solution

The Warringtonfire Perth team provided a range of fire safety engineering solutions for the building including rationalising the building fire ratings, as well as provision of targeted suppression systems and performance based natural ventilation systems. Extensive smoke and evacuation modelling was also conducted to demonstrate the performance of the design.

Our approach enabled building work and costs to be minimised, while taking into account the unique characteristics of the facility and complying with the best practice industry guidelines. The Perth fire engineering team worked closely with the project's design team and the project building surveyor to meet the process and building requirements while complying with performance requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC). The team also facilitated discussions with Department of Fire and Engineering Services (DFES) to help gain in-principle support for the proposed fire safety measures and assessment methodologies before undertaking detailed analysis.


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