Warringtonfire Australia offers a range of analysis and assessment services relating to fire engineering, from modelling to evaluation of risk.

Our team of experts use a range of analytical tools, based on the needs of the project.

Analysis services with Warringtonfire Australia

The analysis includes the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling software Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) to simulate fire scenarios in a building, assess the extent of smoke spread and ultimately demonstrate that tenable conditions can be maintained to facilitate the safe evacuation of occupants. Fire engineering analysis using FDS modelling typically adds value to the project by facilitating open connections between areas in a building to aid the architectural design intent, and by allowing the quantity of smoke exhaust to be rationalised on a performance basis.

Another analytical tool used extensively by Warringtonfire is the evacuation modelling software package Pathfinder. The building geometry and configuration of exits is modelled to determine the time required for occupants to evacuate in an emergency. It is often used in conjunction with the FDS modelling to confirm that occupants can evacuate a building before untenable smoke conditions develop.

Warringtonfire has a wealth of experience in successfully using FDS and Pathfinder modelling on a wide variety of projects, including infrastructure projects, commercial buildings with atriums, retail supermarkets and shopping centres.

In addition, Warringtonfire Australia has developed numerous in-house analytical tools to support performance-based solutions relating to a reduction in Fire-Resistance Levels (FRLs), protection of openings in external walls close to the site boundary, extended travel distances to an exit and more.


Assessment services with Warringtonfire

Warringtonfire also has expertise in assessing the risk of combustible cladding installed on the external walls of buildings. Warringtonfire has developed a comprehensive risk assessment template to assess the risk of the combustible cladding in terms of fire spread, occupant safety and fire brigade intervention. We have successfully completed risk assessments for large portfolios, including those of Australian universities, government organisations and leading developers and property groups in the country. Our services include assisting the client through the cladding remediation process to ensure the identified risk is mitigated to the satisfaction of the authority having jurisdiction.

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Analysis and Assessment Services


Fire Assessments

Warringtonfire provide two different types of fire assessment services; technical fire assessments of a product or system and fire safety engineering risk assessments for fire safety and cladding.

oxygen index testing

CFD Fire Modelling

Solve equations regarding fluid flow and heat transfer from the growth and spread of fire.


Fire Safety Strategy

A fire strategy is the way in which fire safety objectives for a new, altered or existing building are defined and achieved. Warringtonfire’s experienced team of fire safety engineers and consultants in Australia will create the best strategy for your project.


Performance Solutions

At Warringtonfire, we use a performance-based approach to customise a package of alternative fire safety measures for a design – allowing our clients to achieve their objectives but still maintain the level of fire safety required by the building code and approval authorities.

Fire evacuation modelling

Fire Evacuation Modelling

Latest technology for fire evacuation modelling in order to create an economical and robust solution.

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Radiant heat transfer modelling

Radiant Heat Transfer Modelling

Radiant heat transfer modelling is a key tool that the fire safety engineers at Warringtonfire use when trying to predict the expected radiant heat transfer from fires to the surroundings and between buildings.


Fire Brigade Intervention Modelling

We can quantify firefighting activities in our fire engineering assessments by using the fire brigade intervention model (FBIM). The FBIM predicts the time taken by a fire brigade to undertake its activities at the fire scene from time of notification through to control and extinguishment.

Fire risk assessment

Fire Risk Assessment

Key fire safety disciplines enables us to provide the most comprehensive and insightful fire risk assessment.

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Cladding Risk Assessment

Warringtonfire Australia has a team of accredited fire safety engineers who can conduct combustible cladding risk assessments for a range of projects.