Warringtonfire’s team of fire engineering experts in Australia offer a range of services to help you comply with Australian fire safety regulations.

In Australia, whilst specific guidance does vary from state to state, overall fire safety regulations for building and infrastructure are determined by the National Construction Code (NCC). The type, or ‘Class’, of building (categorised by use and number of occupants) is used to decide how stringent fire safety measures must be to account for levels of risk.   

Warringtonfire’s expert team can help you interpret the requirements of the NCC and ensure that your building or infrastructure project is fully compliant, whether through advice and review of your plans or on-site inspection and sign off.  This may be particularly helpful when the NCC is updated, to ensure that you are following the most current regulations.  

Warringtonfire Australia are also able to assist with third-party expertise in cases where an incident requires further investigation, or you would like a second opinion on a proposed fire engineering solution. Our expert witness service can be used to help investigate and settle disputes, whilst our knowledgeable experts offer peer review to the highest standards of due diligence. 

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Regulatory and Compliance Services

Fire Safety Engineering

Expert Witness

Fire safety issues on projects can lead to significant claims against contractors, engineers and architects. The most severe fire safety issues can also lead to prosecutions, injury or loss of life. It is during these situations that an expert in fire safety engineering and regulatory fire safety compliance can be called as an expert witness to assist with identifying the root cause of an issue.


NCC Reviews and Code Consultancy

We encourage early engagement with all key stakeholders, as getting the fire strategy right at the beginning of a project will save time and money throughout the project lifecycle. An early assessment of departures from to the deemed-to-satisfy (DTS) provisions of the NCC can result in simple design changes instead of having to develop performance solutions later in the process.


Compliance Inspections

Warringtonfire undertake non-destructive visual inspections of buildings to confirm, where practicable, that the fire safety measures outlined in our fire engineering reports have been provided. As part of this inspection, we witness testing to confirm that the active fire safety systems are interfaced and operate as intended by the performance solution.


Peer Reviews

Peer reviews (also called third party fire systems reviews) are often required in construction projects. This is because they can support submission paperwork under the building regulations, or help you understand and evaluate a submission that a third party has presented to you.