The project

Warringtonfire Australia were engaged by Construction Control to undertake the fire safety engineering for the Brindabella Business Park project. The project involved the construction of two new six-storey commercial office towers at Brindabella Business Park. Each of the office towers includes an atrium which connects ground floor to level 5. The ground floor consists of commercial and retail tenancies. 

Our solution

The Warringtonfire Canberra team completed detailed fire safety engineering assessments for the shared basement and the two office towers that sit above it. The assessment addressed structural fire resistance, compartmentation, exit provisions, rationalising the smoke hazard management and building fire services. 

Our approach enabled both flexibility in the fit out design and the rationalisation of active/passive fire safety measures – without compromising the openness of the atriums to the office floors. 
Our team of fire safety engineers worked closely with the architect, engineering consultants and ACT Fire and Rescue to limit the visual and spatial impact of fire safety measures in this premium building – but still achieve a high level of fire safety performance.

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