The project and challenge



Works at Constitution Place, Canberra involved the construction of a new mixed-use building.


There are two above-ground towers known as Building A and Building B respectively, over a common three-level basement carpark.


Building A contains eight storeys with retail and office spaces on the ground floor, office and childcare centre on level 1, and six levels of office above. Building B contains 15 storeys with retail and hotel on the ground floor and level 1, gym on a mezzanine for level 1, hotel on levels 2–5, plant on level 6, and seven levels of office above.


The architecturally design curved walls and fire rated internal walls and floors will extend to the external curtain wall framing rather than the glass line of the external wall system.



Our solution:


Warringtonfire’s team of fire safety engineers in Canberra developed an innovative fire safety strategy to treating gaps in walls at the façade edge to meet relevant performance requirements of the National Construction Code. They worked with the architect, the construction team, ACT Fire and Rescue and a BCA certifier to develop a solution to prevent fire spread between fire compartments.


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