The project

Griffith University, Nathan Campus redevelopment.

The challenge

The N79 Engineering, Technology and Aviation building is a six storey laboratory and teaching facility. The campus contains a number of specialised systems such as fume cupboards and physical containment laboratories,  a ‘super lab’ containing 16 fume cupboards and additional laboratory exhaust systems such as exhaust arms. The specialised nature of the building posed unique fire safety challenges to maintain appropriate fire separations and smoke hazard management strategy.

Our solution

The Warringtonfire Brisbane team worked closely with stakeholders to assess the unique fire hazards in the laboratories and develop performance solutions for the fire resistance levels, fire separation to fume cupboards, smoke hazard management and evacuation. Our team of fire safety engineers assessed key fire compartmentation issues relating to the internal connections via the glazed workshop viewing area and central light well. We also consulted with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services to develop pragmatic solutions for brigade access to the building and the firefighting equipment.


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