The project

Warringtonfire Australia was engaged by Hayball to provide the fire safety engineering services for Project 100: Trinity College Student Accommodation, Melbourne.

The Challenge

Project 100 is a 100 bed student accommodation building. Our fire safety engineers sought to address the fire safety challenges typically associated with vertical residential buildings. Our clients focus was to increase circulation and make connections within the building in order to create a community and connect to broader campus life.

Our Solution

We developed a fire engineered solution that combined the architectural intent of contentedness with the critical subject of ensuring that the building is safe for its occupants in a fire scenario. Our performance solutions included smoke proof construction and glazed components separating different uses/areas within the building where fire rated construction would normally have been required.

A review of the necessary levels of fire resistance levels (FRLs) for the construction was also undertaken resulting in a lower level of FRL being adopted throughout various parts of the building, while still maintaining high levels of life safety for the occupants. We were able to achieve a successful performance solution for our client Hayball while meeting their budgetary requirements.

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