The project

Warringtonfire Australia was engaged by Subcon Blue Solutions to undertake the fire safety engineering for the new AUDC project at Busselton Jetty, Western Australia. The development involves the design of a jetty village and a new four storey underwater discovery centre at the end of the jetty. The AUDC consists of a jetty level entrance and three storeys located below the jetty level, featuring underwater art galleries and exhibition spaces.

Our solution

The Warringtonfire Perth team undertook detailed fire safety engineering assessments for the jetty village and AUDC. The assessment addressed building structural fire resistance, fire and smoke compartmentation, exit provisions, a performance-based hydrant system, fire suppression systems and a performance-based stair pressurization system. Our approach enabled both flexibility in the building design and rationalisation of active/passive fire safety measures without compromising the architectural and engineering design of the building. This required close collaboration with the project team including the project architect, engineering consultants and fire brigade.

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