Acoustic testing by Al Futtaim Element

Our Al Futtaim Element UKAS accredited laboratory in Dubai is able to perform laboratory sound transmission testing, using a purpose built acoustic test facility, to demonstrate sound insulation properties, up to Rw / STC 79dB, on various building elements including:

  • Gypsum board / glass partition walls
  • Masonry and cinema walls
  • Roofing systems
  • Steel and wooden doors
  • Windows
  • Curtain walls / façades
  • Skylights

Laboratory based acoustic testing

Al Futtaim Element's laboratory based acoustic test facility comprises of two separate, acoustically isolated test rooms (source room & receiving room) and has been designed to satisfy the British, European, American and International standard recommendations for the measurement of sound transmission loss. It is the only UKAS accredited acoustic test facility in the region.

Diffusion of the sound field in both rooms is achieved by exposing the structural timber framing to provide diffraction elements, eliminating the use of reflector plates / diffusing panels.

On-site laboratory based acoustic testing

We are also able to offer some on-site acoustic testing including:

  • Sound transmission testing
  • Room reverberation time measurement
  • Room noise level measurement