The project

The Lanes Retail Resort offers 12,500 m2 of new low rise retail space within the master planned of ‘The Lakes’ community. The village sits nestled between the Lanes residences and a 3,500 m2 lakeside green. The architectural design of the building aimed to achieve an open feeling throughout with natural light and ventilation driving the design. The village includes retail laneways interwoven with a fresh food market hall, cafe culture, food and beverage, medical wellbeing hub and office space.

Given the openness of the design, compliance with the DTS provisions of the NCC for a traditional retail building was not practical.

Our solution

Warringtonfire’s team of fire safety engineers in Queensland, undertook a performance based design approach for the building. They helped to develop a wide range of solutions, including utilising the extent of openness between the individual buildings within the village to rationalise smoke hazard management requirements and provide performance based separation between fire compartments.

This allowed the unique architectural intent of the design to be met whilst still achieving the required fire safety needs.


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