Alim is a Senior Fire Assessment Engineer based in Australia. He holds PhD in Mechanical Engineering and has excellent knowledge of local and international standards.

Alim joined Warringtonfire in 2019. The fire safety sector allows Alim to contribute directly to the public's safety in Australia. It is also an evolving industry that enables him to grow as an engineer and a professional.

His primary role is to:

  • Undertake fire assessments of materials, products, elements of construction and design to the required performance levels as outlined by the Australian and overseas building codes as appropriate
  • Undertake intermediate and complex assessments for designs, materials and structures
  • Develop new and novel methods to test and assess building products
  • Undertake internal assessment report QA reviews
  • Mentor junior engineers

Alim enjoys going through local and international standards and implementing them in ongoing projects. He also works with the fire testing team - who conduct a wide range of fire tests in accordance with an array of standards; and the fire safety team who work with builders to ensure new and existing buildings comply with the National Construction Code.

The Warringtonfire Australia team has been assessing construction materials and products for several years, giving them familiarity with most of the products available in the industry and their expected performance in fire scenarios. The team has access to vast data gathered over the years through the test laboratory, and the team's level of experience is unparalleled in the market.

Alim developed a 'Master Door Hardware Assessment Report', which collates a range of door hardware in a single report, negating the need for various reports and aiding clients in controlling compliance with their associated hardware. He attained a Bachelor's in 2011, a Master's in 2013 and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2018. His study included substantial research resulting in several international journal articles. He is also undertaking a Master's in Fire Safety Engineering at Western Sydney University.