Kevin LaMalva joined Warringtonfire in August 2020 as their first official U.S. hire.

Kevin has over 13 years of experience as a Fire/Structural Consultant with dual U.S. registration in both fire protection engineering and civil engineering. Complimenting his consulting work, Kevin is a member of numerous industry committees (ASCE/SEI, SFPE, ICC, NIST, NFPA, and others) that conduct research and develop standards for structural fire safety.

Kevin has become a leader for the development and proliferation of structural fire engineering in the U.S., notably as Editor of the ASCE Manual of Practice ( and Principal Investigator/Industry Champion of the CPF/SEI Structural Fire Engineering Exemplar Design Project (

For his work in structural fire safety, Kevin was awarded the distinction of ENR Newsmaker for serving the "best interests of the construction industry and the public" (

Kevin will be working under the UK management team to expand the company footprint into the U.S.

Outside of engineering, Kevin enjoys spending time outdoors with his family, watching sports, and planning his next home improvement project.