A Fire Safety Management Plan (FSMP) provides an overview of the fire safety systems installed throughout your building, with additional information relating to maintenance, housekeeping and procedures. Warringtonfire Australia can help you create an FSMP for your building.


What is a fire safety management plan?

Various additions and alterations typically occur throughout the life of a building, resulting in multiple fire engineering reports and associated documents that need to be considered when undertaking maintenance and house keeping procedures. The FSMP collates the information from these reports into a single overview document that summarizes all the fire safety drawings, the fire safety measures, as well as the guidance to prepare a maintenance regime for all essential fire safety measures for the building.

The FSMP provides guidance to building owners, managers and occupants so they understand and are aware of their roles and responsibilities in maintaining the required level of fire safety for the building.


What should be included in a FSMP

A FSMP includes the following items:

  • List of relevant documentation that was used to prepare the FSMP that can be read in conjunction with the document to obtain further information.
  • Summary of all performance solutions for the building and associated fire safety measures with the relevant standard of performance for each fire safety measure.
  • Fire safety plans summarising the fire safety systems of the building – e.g. exit locations, fire hose reels and hydrants, fire separations, smoke hazard management provisions, sprinkler zones etc.
  • Guidance regarding the specific responsibilities of the building owner and the management.
  • List of procedures that should be implemented where maintenance or building works are being undertaken to adequately mitigate fire risks.
  • List of housekeeping procedures and ongoing monitoring requirements to manage the fire risks within the building on an ongoing basis.


Who is responsible for creating and maintaining a fire safety management plan?

It is ultimately the responsibility of the building owner / management to establish a maintenance regime for all essential fire safety measures. However, a FSMP can provide assistance to the building owner / management as it collates relevant information from various documents into a single document and provides guidance to establish the maintenance regime. The FSMP can then be reviewed and updated as required if there are building alterations or additions. While reviewing the FSMP, the building owner / management can also review all aspects of the procedures including the responsible persons, a check of records and maintenance frequency.


Why Warringtonfire Australia to help with your FSMP

Warringtonfire has prepared FSMPs for various projects across Australian states and territories. Therefore, we have a good understanding of the regulatory requirements with regards to the maintenance and reporting requirements and can help the building owner / management keep the fire safety risks to an acceptable level.